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6 Years of Software development experience

We Are The
NEXT Generation
technology builders

Contact us via Phone or Email. There is no technological problem that we cannot resolve efficiently .We are the magicians in the world of technology innovation.

TechRad radical technology solutions to your everyday tech problems.


Building has never been easier, we leverage a strict build schedule to provide quality software.


We take pride in designing cutting edge GUI's. Our platforms are made with quality in mind.


We offer repairing services for an abundance of different kinds of electronics.


We Can restructure an existing body of code, altering it's internal structure without changing it's external behavior.

Material Supply

We ship our hardware products using only the most trusted couriers.

Interior Design

Source code can be provided on request, provided an educated discussion has taken place.

previous projects

TechRad strives to produce quality services, Here are a few projects we have been involved with.

Safe-t solutions

Truck Assist

cirrlus corporation

one insurance

The Professional Behind

Know our team, this is the lead software engineer and entrepreneur behind our business. We are people that find passion in what we do.

Cale Torino

Software Engineer

Cale is an experienced engineer​  who focuses on leveraging agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews.  He is an expert in C#, PHP and JavaScript. 

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